Ruminations on Legacy

A few weeks ago I wrote an article for my church's website. This is something I get to do every so often and have been doing so for about six years.

The types of articles I currently write for them are personal stories and thoughts that intersect with the teaching topic our church is studying together. This post went along with the final week of a series on the life of David, one of the most influential characters in Scripture. The last glimpse we took at his life highlighted what it looks like to leave a lasting legacy; how to end life well.

Digging into the topic of legacy necessitates the acknowledgment of some difficult ideas and realities, some of which I get into in the post. These things have been a challenge to me recently as I consider what it means to live a life that recognizes both the power and fragility of it. I believe considering the idea of legacy impacts how we live, regardless of our age. 

I am thankful for my family and the legacy I am a part of.

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